Sunday, March 22, 2009

Treasure Hunt with Coupons

Today was a treasure hunt of sorts as I am not usually one to hop around to more than one store at a time. However, this afternoon I went to Frys and Albertsons. I am feeling very happy about my savings! First I went to Albertsons to use coupons as well as catch some savings on other items.

Here are the items I saved with coupons

3 loaves Oroweat Bread .88 per loaf
3 boxes Post Honey Com Cereal .95 per box
4 boxes Post Cereal 1.00 per box
3 Packs of Gum Free
Jimmy Dean Bacon by 1 get 2 free 4.49 for all 3 (saved 8.98)

I also purchased a few other items such as their London Broil for 1.88 per pound and a whole fryer for .99 per pound. There were also some miscellaneous items I purchased on sale without a coupon. I still saved 60%.

I spent 49.35 and saved 74.00.

Since our Frys was out of some of the items I wanted on Wednesday, I dropped back by there today and purchased all of what I did not get earlier in the week. Here is what I purchased with coupons.

3 packages of Dixie Paper Plates .80 each
3 boxes Ziplock Bags .70 each
Irish Spring Soap .50 per 3 bar package
3 boxes Colgate toothpaste free
6 boxes Gushers and Fruit Roll Ups

My total order was 13.48. I saved 47.20. That is a 79% savings.

The children were so excited when I returned home with all of the fruit snacks. My 14 year old son ripped into all of the boxes to see if we have won one of the 5 dollar gift cards. And we did! So I consider that another 5 dollars off of the shopping today.

Between the 2 stores I saved 69.5 % on my purchases.

Here is a great recipe for London Broil in the Crock Pot.

Place London Broil in Crock Pot. Season with a packet of Onion Soup Mix or seasonings of your choice.Open large can of Cream of Mushroom soup. Spread on top of meat. Cook on high for about 4-5 hours or on low for about 7 hours. Meat will be very tender. Serve with rice and veggie.

We are having this for dinner tonight with salad,french bread, and rice. The cost of this meal will cost 9 dollars. Since we have 10 people that will be less that a dollar per person. It is a great feeling!!

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